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Carbon neutral/CO2-neutral

Many ways to become carbon neutral
You can make a hotel carbon neutral on energy consumption in many ways, for example by constructing wind turbines in the backyard, installing solar panels on the roof or through other alternative energy sources such as hydropower.

Is it not an option for the hotel to be self-supplied with energy, it will of course depend on an energy supplier, who most likely will not be able to deliver carbon neutral energy. Even if the hotel is reducing it's energy consumption, there will still be CO2-emissions from energy consumption that can not be eliminated.

CO2-neutral-hotels.com consulted experts from the electricity companies, the Ministry of Climate and and other people from the energy field, and was convinced that purchasing and destruction of carbon quotas (and/or buying carbon credits) would be the best way for none selfsupplying hotels to carbon offset their energy consumption.

CO2 quotas
The carbon quota system is the international community's mechanism for regulation of carbon emissions and most countries endorsed this in connection with the Kyoto Protocol. A carbon quota is a permit to send 1 ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere.

Energy-producing companies are allocated a politically defined, number of quotas. If an energy company emits more than the allocated level, the company must purchase quotas equivalent of their additional consumption or change their production methods to climate-friendly energy.

Carbon quotas are a financial commodity and can be purchased on the stock market. Destroying the quotas has the environmental benefit of decreasing the total amount of carbon dioxide emitted, while increasing the prices for each quota. This improves the incentives for the energy suppliers to come up with greener production methods and swap to cleaner sources of energy.

When you are reducing your energy consumption for example by using electricity-saving light bulbs, the total amount of carbon dioxide emissions are not reduced, due to the way the system is structured. The energy saved provide opportunity to increased carbon emissions somewhere else, because the quantity of qoutas are not reduced.

CO2 credits
Carbon credits are also an element of the Kyoto Protocol and are known as the flexible mechanisms.

When you purchase a carbon credit, you purchase a reduction of the carbon dioxide emission in another country - typically a country in the third world - by investing in a climate project aimed at the limitation of the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Put more simply: By purchasing carbon credits, you invest, e.g., in a new filter for a chimney in India.

Book a carbon neutral hotel - and join the fight against global warming!

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