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Hotel Alexandra will become CO2-neutral

The hotel, which is most known for it's focus on Danish furniture design, is now also among the hotels in Copenhagen that are at the forefront of fighting the climate change.

Hotel Alexandra in the heart of Copenhagen will become CO2-neutral in its total energy consumption of electricity, district heating, and gas as of 1 March 2009. This decision is a natural consequence of the fact that Hotel Alexandra is already the Copenhagen hotel that has for the longest time been environmentally certified by trade organization HORESTA’s eco-label ‘Den Grønne Nøgle’ (The Green Key).

”It is to us a natural thing to do what we can, to run our hotel in a way that is as responsible for the climate as possible”, says Hotel Manager Jeppe Mühlhausen.

”Already in 1997, we affiliated ourselves with ‘Den Grønne Nøgle’, and we are therefore used to giving friendly thoughts to the climate and environment in everyday life and in smaller details. We cannot avoid using electricity, heating, and gas, but we can endeavour to be as climate-responsible as possible”, explains Jeppe Mühlhausen.

Practically speaking, Hotel Alexandra makes itself CO2-neutral in its energy consumption by buying and destroying CO2 quota corresponding to the direct consumption of the hotel. The energy sector is comprised by EU’s Quota Directive for CO2 discharge. Every time a CO2 quota is bought and destroyed, it adds to increasing the demand for vacant CO2 quotas, whereby the price of remaining quotas will increase. When the price of CO2 quotas rises, it becomes more attractive for the energy companies to invest in climate-friendly energy.

”We want to take co-responsibility for the climate, and we feel it is important that we also in the hotel sector focus on how to serve our guests in the best possible way at the same time as we pay attention to the climate and the environment.“

Jeppe Mühlhausen does not hide, however, that at the same time it makes good sense to be aware of the climate from a business point of view. ”It is clearly also a competitive parameter to show social responsibility – including to take care of the climate. More and more customers are expecting this, and there is no doubt that in the future it will be a completely necessary element in hotel management to include climate and environment matters in our day-to-day operation, says Jeppe Mühlhausen.

For additional information please see www.hotel-alexandra.dk: www.hotel-alexandra.dk

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