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CO2-neutrale hotels / Arthur Hotels

The world's first CO2-neutral hotel group

Arthur Hotels was founded in September 2013 and has embraced the climate issue as a natural consequence of the founder and CEO of Arthur Hotels is Kirsten Brøchner. Kirsten Brøchner was the initiator of Brøchner Hotels' climate policy.

Arthur Hotels' climate policy is as an element of the general environmental policy, the filter of all new projetcs, operations, transportation and supplier are reviewed through.

Kirsten Brøchner, CEO
January 2014

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In September 2013 Brøchner Hotels was divided into 2 independent hotel groups, and now Arthur Hotels represents Hotel Kong Arthur and Ibsen Hotel. The new Brøchner Hotels has chosen to take a different path.

When we started the climate work in 2008 we wrote:

“We do not wish to confine ourselves to a few initiatives to reduce our energy consumption. Brochner Hotels would like to be the first CO2-neutral hotel group. 

We calculated our total emission of CO2 for 2007 and, subsequently, purchased an equivalent amount of CO2 quotas. Thus, the hotel group was already CO2-neutral in 2007. The decision is forward-looking as we have committed to purchase CO2 quotas to the equivalent of our total energy consumption in the future too. 

This balances our climate accounts and, at the same time, provides us with an incentive to do something about our energy consumption. You could actually say that we have signed our own mini Kyoto Protocol. 

At the same time, we give our guests the opportunity to fight against climate change. We are offering our customers a new product: A hotel stay with a CO2 quota. For example, a weekend stay where the classical bottle of champagne is replaced by a CO2 quota. Purchase of a CO2 quota takes away the right to emit 1 ton of CO2 into the atmosphere. In other words, we give our guests the opportunity to purchase CO2-neutrality on their energy-intensive weekend trip. 

CO2 quotas can be purchased on the stock market, so by purchasing CO2 quotas we force energy-producing companies to think in terms of climate-friendly energy as quotas become both more difficult to get hold of and more expensive." 

Kirsten Brøchner, Managing Director
Brochner Hotels 
April 2008 

Book a CO2-neutral hotel - and join the fight against global warming! 

Arthur Hotels comprises 2 boutique hotels in Copenhagen - Hotel Kong Arthur and Ibsens Hotel.

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