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Carbon neutral hotels / Cambean Hospitality

Cambean Hospitality - a carbon neutral hospitality group

Cambean Hospitality is a Miami Beach-based hospitality group that owns and manages four Earth-friendly boutique hotel properties in the historic South Beach area of Miami Beach, Florida.

Cambean Hospitality has quantified the carbon footprint for its entire portfolio of properties and is a self-mandated carbon neutral hospitality group. They have invested in a progressive accounting, offsetting and renewable credit purchase program.

In order to quantify energy consumption, Cambean Hospitality hired HVS in Miami to perform an
Operations Sustainability Analysis (OSA). The OSA analyzes opportunities within a hotel for saving
money through physical retrofits and changes in operational procedures, all of which contribute to
conservation and sustainability. The cost of these changes is calculated and compared against the
forecasted savings in operating expenses, allowing a clear understanding of the cost/benefit and
anticipated payback period for investing in these changes.

The HVS OSA also includes a quantification of the carbon emissions footprint relative to the hotel, as
prepared by EnviRelation. The EnviRelation carbon emissions report is the only one of its kind that
calculates the full carbon footprint of a hotel property inclusive of all scopes – electric, gas, water
consumption, as well as employee transportation to the property, trash removal, linen services, etc.
Next, Cambean Hospitality reached out to Renewable Choice Energy to design an offset and renewable
energy credit program based on the carbon footprint of the entire portfolio.

In order to become carbon neutral, Cambean addressed all three scopes of energy consumption and
emissions. Through aggressive offsetting and credit investments, they are addressing the direct
emissions from company-owned assets (Scope 1), indirect emissions from purchased electricity (Scope
2), and indirect emissions from outsourced activities (Scope 3). It is the willingness to address all three
scopes that allows Cambean to be a leader in Green Hospitality.

“Cambean Hotels is leading by example as it demonstrates a comprehensive vision for corporate
environmental responsibility. Cambean is immersing itself in sustainability practices and setting itself
apart in the hospitality industry,” said Quayle Hodek, CEO of Renewable Choice Energy. “Through it's
investments in both renewable energy and carbon reduction projects, Cambean is showcasing the
importance of evaluating and reducing carbon emissions on a corporate level. Their commitment
supports the development of the renewable energy infrastructure that is a vital component of increasing
the clean energy produced in the U.S.”

For additional information please visit Cambean Hospitality: www.cambean.com

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