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Be the next CO2-neutral hotel!

Would you like your hotel added to the list of the world's CO2-neutral/carbon neutral hotels - and will you help to exchange climate-friendly ideas with your colleagues in our industry?

We offer:
Listing as a CO2-neutral hotel.
A link to your own website at www.CO2neutral-hotels.com.
The opportunity to promote the hotel’s own “motivation and set of values”.
The right to use the CO2neutral-hotels logo.

We need :
A ISAE 3000 declaration by a state-authorised accountant as proof that your hotel has as a minimum
   an energy consumption that is CO2-neutral.
Printed material in English about the hotel’s reason for choosing to be CO2-neutral and it's
   set of values.
• Information about any affiliation with a hotel group.
A web address to which you wish us to link.
Contact information – Name, address, telephone number and e-mail address of the contact person.

It is free to register as a CO2-neutral hotel at www.CO2neutral-hotels.com.

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