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CO2-neutrale hoteller / Mayfair Hotel Tunneln

All the electricity we are buying is coming from wind and hydro power

In our hotel we work actively with the environment. Mayfair Hotel Tunneln strives to minimize the energy consumption and its negative impact on our environment. We care about the environment for both guests and for our employees.

Our long term goal is to improve environmental awareness within the company and to influence our surroundings such as suppliers and partners.

We strive to:

  • Train our staff continuously to bring knowledge and awareness of our environment.
  • Take the environmental aspect into account in all purchasing and procurement.
  • Work to gradually replace stationery with eco-labeled products and to introduce more environmental and eco-labeled food in our restaurant.
  • Minimize the number of shipments to our hotel, e.g. through joint purchasing.
  • Minimize the use of chemicals in our business.
  • Spar Hotels' environmental work is published as information to our guests.

Ull Storm, Verkställande direktör/General Manager
February 2013

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