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Carbon neutral hotels / Utjeha Apartments

The Utjeha Apartments - the first CO2-neutral tourist accommodation in Montenegro

Awarded with the EU Ecolabel in 2012, the Utjeha Apartments continue to encourage the
development of sustainable tourism in Montenegro, as it supports the country’s “Wild Beauty” brand philosophy.

Utjeha Apartments first priority is to reduce the CO2-emissions to a minimum. This includes in particular the energy and water consumption. Completely avoiding the emission of CO2-gases is unfortunately not possible, while guaranteeing the desired level of comfort on holiday. This unavoidable CO2-emissions is compensated for in cooperation with the non-profit foundation Myclimate, which is realizing climate-protection projects with the proven level "Gold Standard". Myclimate is creating an annual CO2-emissions report with the (remaining) amount of CO2-emissions, which are then compensated by the Utjeha Apartments.

A holiday in the Apartments UTJEHA is therefore 100% carbon neutral! For the guests this commitment is of course free-of-charge! Nevertheless, the Utjeha Apartments is happy, if their guests also make a contribution to climate-protection and compensate their travel.

The Utjeha Apartments is the first EU Ecolabel certified tourist accommodation in Montenegro.

“The EU Ecolabel is a perfect tool to protect the environment and it creates a positive guest experience.
It supports Montenegro’s brand "Wild Beauty", its sustainable tourism strategy as well as our own
service philosophy. Not only has it helped us to save on energy and water expenses, it has led to
100% guest satisfaction when paired with great service and information about the EU Ecolabel. The
credibility as an ecological estate can only profit from wider implementation of sustainable tourism,
and we are prepared to support the expansion in many ways.”
(Michael R. Bader, Manager of the Utjeha Apartments)

Winner of the EU Ecolabel Communication Award 2012
The campaign goal was to promote the first tourist accommodation with the EU Ecolabel in Montengro and raise awareness about environmental protection by seing an example through their staff and facilities. It aimed to be an example for other tourist accommodations, showing the possibility to increase environmental protection without any loss of quality or comfort for the guests. The campaign also encompassed active involvement of guests and employees through the social engagement with the local NGO Humanitarna Familija.

For additional information please visit the Utjeha Apartments: www.utjeha.me

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